Crossfit sirocco
Crossfit sirocco

What is CrossFit ?

CrossFit is a lifestyle characterized by safe and effective exercise. Whatever your age, and whatever your level of fitness, CrossFit is within your reach. Based on functional movements (jumping, running, lifting, carrying, moving, swimming…), constantly varied, executed at high intensity, this physical training program will provide you the skills that will make you the athlete in your daily life.
A Crossfit session always takes place the same way :
  • Duration : 1 hour
  • In group, 12 people maximum, on reservation according to the schedule (Emulation guaranteed)
  • Warm up : joint release, muscle and cardiovascular heating
  • Skills : learning and technical work. Movements are rich, varied and sometimes complex. It is the opportunity to work the movements used in the Wods and adapt them so that everyone finds the right intensity.
  • Wod, contraction of Workout of the day, training of the day: it is every day different both in its format attached to time, task, discipline and the movements used. You’ll never do the same training.
  • Cool down, back to calm : it’s time to give everyone the points of improvement, to relax, but also to work joint mobility and self-massage in order to recover physically to be ready for a new session.

7 Good Reasons to practice CrossFit 

All for one

​CrossFit is an individual group sport. Lean on the group when you need some motivation. The community will always be there to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone.

Mentored & Coached

Your session takes place during a specific time, your place is reserved within a group of 12 people maximum. Your coach animates and corrects each one in order to give the required performance points, your progress is assured.

No Routine

Votre séance est chaque jour différente, fini les routines ennuyeuses. Votre coach programme, chaque jour, une nouvelle séance selon la méthode CrossFit et l'adpate au niveau de chacun. Chaque jour, vous découvrirez sur place le nouveau challenge qui vous est offert.

Our speciality : Non-specialisation

Constantly varied, based on functional movements, your body will develop extraordinary physical skills, as well as strong neurological adaptations. You will become ready to participate in all new leisure and sports activities.



If esthetics ins’t a priority in CrossFit, it is on the other hand a pleasant consequence. Whatever your age, height or weight, be prepared to change.


CrossFit is a challenging discipline, we will always help you to improve your lifestyle, take care of your diet and sleep, as well as satisfy the new needs of your metabolism.

Professional rhythm

Like most of people, your time is precious, your professional commitments and your personal obligations leave you with little time to spare. A CrossFit session lasts one hour, upon reservation, you know exactly when it starts and when it ends. Your schedule is under control.